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Integrated Design & Manufacturing

tn_cnc (1)Computer Aided Design (CAD) integrated with our Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) is the foundation of our business – precise design forming precise components in a re-producable  manner.  Our manufacturing capability is so consistent that we hold ISO 9001:2015 certification for our manufacturing management systems.

“Precise Engineering – Exactly Delivered”



Deliver Products to Market Faster

ft_ISOgreyCAD-CAM allows us to handle complex 3 dimensional machining jobs. We can quickly and easily receive CAD models from clients. We help clients deliver products to market faster and more affordable than ever before. The technology allows us improved control over jobs. Our operators can review cutting depths, select tools, manage cutter lead-ins and lead-outs. Once set-up, the CAM machine operates consistently, rapidly, and efficiently. Automatic calculations by the machinery ensure the job is executed with reduced cycle times.

The simulation functions we operate allow us to visually inspect the machining process, and provides detailed information about the toolpath, and cycle times and more.

Our multiaxis CAM technology makes complex machining simple and cost effective. Our full 5 axis toolpaths include surface-based machining operations that accommodate port milling, SWARF and undercutting type toolpath strategies as well as 5-axis continuous milling.

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